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General rules LIONS BACHATEA

  • Registration and Participation

It will compete in two categories (national and international) in the same tie. There will be no distinction by age or level.

The minimum age to participate is 16 years.

To participate directly in the qualification round of LIONS BACHATEA, it is not necessary to pay registration. Participation does not give any right to enjoy the program of activities of the event.

For being a competitor in this qualifying round you have a 30% discount on the full pass.

It will compete in a unique category: Choreography.

The inscriptions will be made with the organization of the event, writing to the email:

Those who have been judges in the current edition can not be participants.

Those who have been disqualified in the current edition for moral reasons or inappropriate behavior can not be participants.

Yes they will be able to participate again, couples not classified in qualifying competitions held this year.

It is the responsibility of the participants, the processing of all types of documentation to appear at the championships.

  • Acrobatics

There is a maximum of aerial acrobatics that can be done and if the couple exceeds this number will be penalized. The maximum number of aerial acrobatics is 4. Aerial acrobatics will be considered when the two legs (of either of the two) cease to be in contact with the ground at a height higher than the hips of the person performing it.

Acrobatics are considered all the time you are doing the trick, regardless of the duration. An acrobatics can last from 3 seconds (a mortal) to 15 seconds (propellers)

All those jumps and movements that are made individually are also considered acrobatics whenever the two legs exceed the hips

For each additional acrobatics, 5 points will be deducted from the final score of the acrobatics section that is included in difficulty.

  • Choreography

Couples should present a choreography, where the music, costumes, .... must comply with the established rules.

The couples will not be able to repeat choreography of previous editions (If this choreography was among the first three).

In case a choreography is repeated, already used in previous editions, the couple will be eliminated.

If there is any doubt as to whether the choreography is repeated partially or in its entirety, the organizing committee will decide the penalty to be applied.

  • Judges

The number of Judges will always be an odd number of which half plus one will be men or women and half minus one the other gender.

Nobody can judge who has been a participant in the current edition.

The judges will be people of recognized prestige within the scope of dance, dance or music.

The judges will have sufficient experience and knowledge to be able to carry out their work as well as possible.

One of the judges will be appointed head judge and will be in charge of enforcing the rules. This Judge will always have the last word in any decision.

The location of the judges' table will be the decision of the general organization.

The pairs that are competing, and the coaches, will not be able to have direct communication with the judges during the competition.

The communication with the judges must be through the director of the competition or in its absence of the main judge or with the person in charge for said procedure.

Judges are supposed to be honest and professional enough to be objective, even if there is a relationship (professional or personal) with one of the participants.

If there is any inappropriate behavior of a judge, he will be expelled immediately and the situation will be made public to demonstrate the transparency of the competition.

  • Voting and Rating

In the qualification round, each judge will assess the following areas.

Bachata Bailable: In this section we appreciate the style of danceable bachata (basics, turns, walks) which leads us to think that we are seeing a bachata and not another style of dance in any of its styles. The bachata dance judge will take note of the number of seconds that each pair dances and will be guided by a time table

Difficulty: Technical difficulty of the choreography. Here the difficulty of portés, acrobatics, figures and free steps in general, as well as the correct technical realization of them, will be assessed.

Connection with the couple. Feeling: Coordination of movements in couple and loose (arms, feet, body in general). Softness and tension in the grips and contacts between the couple. Sensation that they produce that are a unit.

Interpretation and musical expression: Interpretation that the couple makes of the chosen music and how it expresses it towards the audience. This interpretation is valued at specific moments (beatings, changes of musical rhythm, pauses, silences, ...) and during the development of the entire choreography. In addition, the expression of girl and boy is valued separately (movements, faces, ...).

Originality and creativity: Different from the normality of the choreography that can be seen on a stage. It will be necessary to evaluate all types of movements (interpretations, figures, free steps, loaded, acrobatics, ...). The originality of the music and / or musical montage is also valued and to a lesser extent the originality of the costumes

Visual presentation: On the one hand the costumes, makeup, hairstyle, shoes and accessories in general (individually and as a couple) will be scored. On the other hand, the bearing and the presence of the couple will be scored (individually to each one)

All the items are added

Staging: Conjugation of elements that make up the choreography: set design, music and interpretation, visual presentation, body expression, ... Choreography is valued as a whole with a continuity and a line to follow

That the choreography has a meaning, a story, other than dancing for dancing.

Dance technique: cleaning movements, rotation technique, body positioning, arms and legs. Here the technique will be assessed and not the difficulty and it will be subtracted for each mistake made whether it is a boy, girl or a couple. Any failure to exit an acrobatics or not to do acrobatics correctly is considered an error

Rhythm: keep the musical time throughout the song, subtract one point for each beat (4t) that is dancing out of time or for each mistake that is made (for example when leaving an acrobatics music or stumble).

The count goes from 1 to 4. If the couple dances out of time for more than 8 bars in a row the score will be zero points

With respect to the rhythm, the couples will inform before the competition in which time they will dance, in case of not doing so it is considered that they dance in time 1.

The judges will count the music in 4-beat measures. If the couple turns the time from (1 to 5/2 to 6/3 to 7/4 to 8) or vice versa they will not be penalized.

If the couple decides to change the time throughout the dance, this change should be clear to the judges, otherwise it will be considered an error. It is advisable to dance or choreograph the whole presentation at the same time.

The judges for this reason will use the voting forms.

In the international final a system of elimination of differentiated scores will be established.


• In the event of a tie, the judges will meet and vote for their winning partner.

• Each judge must vote for a couple.

• Because there is always an odd number of judges in case the decision is between two couples it is inevitable that there is a winner

• If the decision was between three couples (and there were 3 or 9 jurors) and the tie was repeated, the vote of the jury president having a double value will establish who is the champion.

• Even so, it is the decision of the jury president to choose a winner or keep several couples as winners and distribute the prize.

  • Awards

1st international qualifying place: € 300 in expenses for the international final 2019. *

1st national qualifying place: € 100 in expenses for the national final 2018 *

2nd national and international place: direct classification without expenses for said endings.

  • Costume

It is recommended that the costumes that the couple uses be "show" and not casual or everyday wear, it is one of the points to assess.

The costumes must be adequate and comfortable for the execution of the dance.

It is not forbidden to use third party items and accessories that are not part of the costumes, although it is not recommended.

It is not allowed to use religious symbols, flags, badges, or emblems referring to any country, religion or worship, letters, legends, brands, as costume decoration, although as part of the scenery.

The use of advertising of any kind in the locker room is not allowed. The costumes must be free of marks, badges that represent brands, acronyms or letters that bear any relation to a brand unless the organization allows it.

Men can not dance with their torso totally naked.

The use of costumes is allowed although it is not advisable for the type of competition.

  • Footwear

The use of dance shoes is recommended.

The use of dance nikers, shoes, liricals, jazz-shoes, etc. is allowed.

Barefoot dancing is allowed.

Makeup, Hairstyle and Accessories

Character makeup is not recommended on faces, nor on any part of the body, although it is not prohibited.

It is not recommended the use of jewelry that could represent a danger to the dancer or other competitors (Chains, bracelets, rings, bracelets etc.).

You can use scenography and decoration elements (chairs, accessories, ..)

The use of talcum or resin, will be limited to the area of the dressing room, will never spread on the stage or surrounding areas.

  • Music

In the qualifying and final rounds, each competitor will bring their own music.

The music that each competitor uses must have a maximum duration of 3:00 minutes. The music will have a minimum duration of 2:30 minutes

Competitors may not repeat music from previous editions if this music was among the first three

This music will be only bachata, although you can use another genre up to 0:30 seconds maximum of any other dance.

The songs will be heard by the organization, to disqualify the songs that do not comply with the regulations.

If the song chosen by the competitor, in its original version contains mergers of genres, such as Bolero, Tango, Kizomba, zouk, Flamenco or others, it will always be allowed to be accepted by the majority of the jury.

You can add sounds, effects, special effects and instruments that are not of the original version of the subject in question.

You can mix all the bachata songs that you want to achieve the required duration.

You can edit (cut and mix) on the same bachata theme, to achieve the required duration.

The pitch of the original song can be modified.

Couples are advised at the time of choosing the songs, avoid all those songs that may generate some kind of doubt, as to its validity to compete in accordance with such regulation.

They must deliver the music in mp3 format to the organization, at the time they are requested. The files must contain only the song to be used, with the necessary speed, the live "Pitch" will not be modified for any couple.

If the couple does not deliver the mp3 at the requested time on the requested day, it will be eliminated, except in situations of extreme measures.

All couples must have a copy of the music for any possible inconvenience.

If the couple does not have a copy and because of an error in the organization the original is damaged, the organization will not be responsible.

The Cd's that couples give to the organization will not be returned.

If any complication arises (grated disc, track jumping, etc.) during the development of the competition will be given another opportunity to the couple harmed with the copy that it has at the end of the competition to not alter the operation of this.


  • Ethics

The Judges must rate the couples for the work they do and not for personal relationships or matters unrelated to the dance.

The judges must maintain their position as such during the whole competition, and not influence the couples, neither marking the time nor signaling a correct location.

The Judges will not be able to make gestures of mockery, laughter, happiness, with respect to the couples in competition. This attitude will be considered as lack of ethics.

Any agreement or intimidation that affects or attempts to affect the outcome of a competition is considered unethical.

Aggression in competitions, both verbal and physical, within the dance environment is considered unethical.

The misuse of the name of the bachata OPEN event is considered unethical.

It is considered unethical that competing couples act in an unsportsmanlike and offensive manner before their peers.

Failure to comply with the articles of this regulation.

  • Prohibitions and sanctions

It is forbidden to leave the scene marked for the competition (10 points on the final score)

The use of clothing or footwear that does not meet the standards (from 5 to 10 points on the final score) is prohibited.

It is forbidden to use music that does not meet the standards (Disqualification or penalty, depends on the grade)

It is forbidden to use any type of props or games of lights (X% of the final score)

It is forbidden to do more than 4 acrobatics (5 points for each extra acrobatics)

The use of talc, resin or any other substance directly on the stage is forbidden, although in the shoes of the participants (10 points on the final score)

Failure to comply with the rules entails disqualification and / or disqualification from competing in bachataopen.

The degree of penalty will be determined and applied by the disciplinary committee, which will be made up of the general organization of the competition.

In any case, the organization has the final word on the imposition and withdrawal of possible penalties.

  • Claims

Once the competition is over there will be a maximum time of 60 minutes where the jury will retire to make the sum of points and establish the classification. This will be the time for any type of allegations and claims.

Once this time has ended and given the result in public, even if it is shown that a rule has been breached, the decision of the jury will remain unchanged except in extreme cases.

  • Exceptions

If a situation occurs that is not contemplated in the regulations, the organization or, failing that, the jury will meet to make a decision and this decision will become part of the rules.

The organization reserves the right to change any of the rules for the best performance of the competition.

In the event that there is a change in the rules, this will be reflected on the event website.

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